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Hello, world! I'm Shawn Watanabe, a software engineer from Japan. nownabe is my internet name. I love dogs, coding, watching animes, reading comics, playing drums, and playing online video games. Now, I work as a Cloud Customer Engineer at Google Cloud Japan.

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Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer

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bqloader is a simple ETL framework to load data from Cloud Storage into BigQuery. It's written in Go.


A CLI tool to encrypt/decrypt Kubernetes Secret YAMLs. Developers can create and edit Secret as plain YAMLs, not encrypted, not encoded to Base64. To specify encryption keys, developers can choose a command line option or an environment variable. It is written in Go.


A simple CLI tool to encrypt/decrypt files with secret password. It is written in Golang.


A brainf*ck processor. You can create your original programming language like brainf*ck with it.

Brainfuck Board

Brainfuck Board is an interpreter for Brainfuck that works on browsers. It run brainfuck programs and visualizes the instruction flow and memory states. It's implemented with React/Redux and written in TypeScript.

x86 Board

An emulator of x86 CPU to learn about x86 assembly, created with React/Redux. This emulator can execute i386 assembly programs and show data in registers and memory step by step. It allows you to learn x86 assembly.

Union Fes '15

Designed and built a website for a live concert. It's responsive and parallax. Deployed by Wercker, generated by Middleman.


Percona XtraDB Cluster

(Japanese) Overview of Percona XtraDB Cluster at Percona Meetup Tokyo vol.1.

Scalable Architecture with RabbitMQ

(Japanese) Explains scalable microservices with RabbitMQ.